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Saturday, April 20, 2013


found out others have gone mentally ill....suicide is the main cause of death. scientists believe it has something to do with spirochettes!?! australian dr. insists it is a tick bourne illness. support was amazing.. I met a psychotherapist who was suffering! ! I was interviewed by two journalist camera teams,  one I believe was the bbc!! I signed documents of release. thus my purpose as an activist had been fulfilled.  im scared to check my bank account. im in mission texas.  probably hop across the border somewhere down here. then to new orleans and final destination biloxi where I will meet and talk with yaw way.   way yaw. jah. jvh. pray to jesus. forgive lucifer for his efforts to entertain the highest. forgive self for dna is programmed this way. evolve and adapt..die trying.  I look and look on the ground for medicine. ... love u mj. Godspeed

WLS777 BBtorched9800

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