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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


HI Papi!!!!! How r u!!! Great to hear from you! I am on a death trip. I hope i live through it. Lol. After that another one. I'm as free as a bird. Freebird. Silent birdsong i am. A dead man with a hummingbird spirit guide. I hunt peyote under the guise of urban archaeology. These senorita's down here are so beautiful. I get death checks. And wander. Many bright stars, like you!!, i have met on my journey through the western lands. I toss all drugs in a little baggie and crush em up. Must be 15 different types in my little snort sack!! Hunter s. Thompsan... I am making moments meaningful while i can. I got sunburned today!!! I love you Nate! All best to you!

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Look im busy. I dont know if and when i will reply. Sorry if my post offended. Life is strange.