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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Love u mom. Tell dad hi. I'm exploring the dark desert jungles of texas. Dont really know where i'm going. Trying to stay active. The convention was a healing experience for me. The scientists will figure it out eventually. Recommendations are to find a lyme disease specialist even if my test came up negative. There are two more lyme disease tests i need. I met lots of nurses, a psychotherapist whom has it, a psychiatrist who has it presented upon the psychiatric conditions which morgellons sufferers face. I contributed to conversations. Got formally interviewed by the BBC british people. And an american journalist crew. Signed releases and all. Tried to present the disease as rational as i could. Even as i write this i am suffering fierce the feeling upon my neck and back makes it seem like i have a backpack of lead on me.....sigh. I got a good sun tan. Enough to make me get sun protectant spray. I had fun playing sax on 6th street in austin. They have alot of beautiful women down here. A ratio of 7 women to 4 men. Haha. Laredo was fascinating to me. To be amongst 97 percent latino population. The people are kind and they sure now how to eat well down here. 4$ bought me an amazing dinner. Well i'm off to who knows where. Love, bill.

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