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Thursday, April 25, 2013

N of NO

North of New Orleans this song played i died as i drove off the road while sobbing in tragic reaccuring nightmare of of disbelif that our love and bond had been poisened by the venomous agent of a deer tick paralysis bite. Lose my mind day after day after day after....no i am not well. No it hasnt gotten better. No i have no plan. I see you and breakdown. I go to places we had been like a ghost in summer clothes. I remember fighting so hard to get better. I still fight but the war is completely utterly lost. I move past the feeling in complete charade as if an actor playing the role of villian. Night after night a horror on and off stage for my transparent despotism. So we threw pottery together and god spoke to me my first time in complete ohr like genius of turn table tempo with a malleable rim breaking laws of topology. I wasn't listening to the teacher. I was making a mess. I was criticized!?! Bullied! Bully for you as you as i bowed out shamefully. Here i am now in biloxi. My ignatz will buy one more brick for Krazy Kats noggin. Coconino county wot a coincidence. I miss u. I am so sick without u. I am aimless as i wander. I cannot win you back as sick as i am with 'morgellons' damn. Just call it spirochette disease or tick bourne illness. Lyme disease. Mk-Naomi. Unknown parasitical objects. But ana.....ana....how could i malke up something so ludicris as this. My neck face and scalp are twisted with out of control zombie kerotin. I have debris obscene to reason and rationality exuding and removed from my dermis. Ana... I found out i wasnt alone. Ana..it was not all in my head. I dId not create this demon disease. My downfall without trearment. I died last night while sobbing in memory of our times good and bad. ,,,,,,,, now what? Another feeling i cant believe i move past.

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