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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is why THEY think us so. The phenomena is inexplicable and defy's common sense, logic, and in my opinion the empirical understandings of the scientists. I've been with groups. And it seems true that only a morgellons sufferer can truly understand the play and horror of the disease with another being hosting the parasite. Whatever it is it gets symbiotic with one in a sinister way. I am at the end of my fight and journey in such a way that i feel i need to embrace the disease and love it for it has taught me so much about suffering, loss. Drama. And impermanence. In that view i no longer feel as rightious or at war. So here i go. New bumper sticker....."I <3 Morgellons" hhahaahahahhahaahha. No really. Learning to love the enemy. Even if its some misunderstood insect vector bacteteria nano alien tech. I dunno.

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