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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Melinda take this paraphrased wisdom of brian eno. We Pretend then Become. Pretentious is a word that is used incorrectly. It is good to pretend. If you continue..you certainly become. So wannabe is Good! See what Eno is getting at! As an artist i would recommend giving your art away to friends and strangers and maybe family. Smuggle 5-6 finished canvas into a goodwill and borrow tickets from other items. See which paintings sell first. It is a sharky way of doing it but you sell ONE canvas....in a significant way you have crossed the threshold into being a professional. I love abstract art! I have quite a collection hidden away in a UStoreIt. I need to sell em at christies or sothebys. I believe one of em may be a late 50's masterpiece by early rothko or calder switichin media and making his own rules. "Art makes life worth living." - William Lincoln Schafer 2012

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