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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lets get lost

I watched it in thick time. Listened deeply to every word..studying the subtle body language. Chet was an addict and he often behaved emotionally awful to his love ones. BUT there is that jazz man quality of self defense. A higher muse than that of a family man. A rightousness to do what thou wilt as the ARTIST. But mainly it was speedballs and thanatos kick like no other. I hope i live to be as old as him. The junk made him young. The police said they found the body of a 30 year old man after he had fallen accidently nodding off sitting on a highrise balcony. Burroughsesque. I hurt bad watching the film with acknowledgement and signification. The jazz walk of life is inundated with ASC and the 'seek for peak experience' or the exact opposite the tightrope of willpower in kyriotic thick time where the mind starts to pump out its death program, the ultimate high. Ay yi yayo girl and the boy in the lust passion of fuckall. Onelove is sunday morning as fuckall is saturday night..two sides of the same coin.

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