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Monday, July 15, 2013

Last night i was in combat with a flying intelligent cognitive blood sucker of an insect. It would travel in shadow and black camoflauge. My peripheral vision caught it and zen stillness/quickness squashed his covert actions splat all over the white bed sheet. More blood than i was prepared for.Many bug phenom with morgellons. I theorized with the fact that we are dealing with 5th dimensional parasites. Since we are becoming cognizant of these horizons they begin to interact. Theories theories. A theory is nothing but. Test? Hypothesize. Fail. Yeah yeah yeah. I suffered vicious with it today. Kill it away with love. I am host and it is symbionic. Wondering when it will do me in. Cortydid zombie like. I seek crystal. Im in hotsprings arkansas spending my death check. Sell treasures. End dreams. Raise cain. Start writing. Curse the day i was born. Love the day i die. I'm free. Do what i want. Hopefully not get arrested and have the last shreds of dignity wripped out like morgellons core processors. Cancer is white.

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