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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love of music

Its not just bout money it is a love of music, a rite of passage, a way to get good at your insrument, a way to meet all walks of life, and for a few a way of life. I just finished busking here in hot springs arkansas. Made only a few dollars but met a few wise men whom i enjoyed conversation with. It is an act of sheer willpower. And not easy. Can be dangerous. Need to be a good judge of people. Entertain!!! Must have a kind sense of humor and let little droplets of water off the ducks back if someone was mean or rude. Tough thing about street music these days is everybody uses debit cards. Cash is not as liquid!!! One of my street musician life long friends he sez we need to get that card reader device so people can tip that way. Songs: night train, pink panther, harlem nocturne, take the A train, lester leaps in, careless whispers (lol) house of the rising sun, enjoy yourself, my favorite things, yardbird suite, Round midnight. Those have made me skrilla (lots of cash) oh yeah St. Louis Blues...of course. If you need i can dropbox links of fakebook pdf's in which yoU can pluck out the gems i offer and print them. Viola better still need to read treble clef!!! You said oboe cause its the other oddball symphonic instrument that reads alto clef. I'll send the dropbox downloadble links here in a little bit. They are between 30-70 mb a piece!

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