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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Set of 8 Rorschach testing cards printed in Switzerland.  If you said the wrong thing it meant years in the sanitarium for you!  They all look like spaceships to me!  These are numbered 1-8 (roman numerals) and have the signature(not real) of Hermann Rorschach on the back.  Printed in Switzerland!  Copyright 1921.  In pretty good shape.  Not sure exact age.  Collectors Item!
Hermann Rorschach(German pronunciation:[ˌhman oax]or[oax]; 8 November 1884 – 1 April 1922) was aSwissFreudianpsychiatristandpsychoanalyst, best known for developing aprojective testknown as theRorschach inkblot test. This test was reportedly designed to reflect unconscious parts of the personality that "project" onto the stimuli. Individuals were shown 10 inkblots, one at a time, and asked to report what objects or figures they saw in each of them.[1]
Rorschach was born inZürichand spent his childhood and youth inSchaffhausen. He became known to his high school friends as Klecks, or "inkblot" since, like many other young people in his native country, he enjoyed Klecksography, the making of fanciful inkblot "pictures." Unlike his classmates, however, Rorschach would go on to make inkblots his life's work.

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