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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It is through the support of old friends on facebook that I have had significant knowledge in understanding and combating MgD. I have suFfered intensly for 4 years but have only known of our communal plight for a half a year. Anyways I would recommend purchasing a zapper wand. I found mine second hand for a few dollars it is called 'the time machine- forver spring' runs off a 9 volt batteru. I use it daily. I have had good outcomes with twice daily collodial silver purchased at GNC expensive....magnesium daily. Salicyclic Acid (willow tree extract) has been a godsend. Buy it as shampoo and salve OTC dermares product. OTC relatively inexpensive. BAking soda yes. Alchol No! HYDrogen Peroxide HELL no. Glycerin soap yes. Dove soap NO. Stay away from extra IRon supplements as you'll feed the beast and feel complete death.I am choosing to experiment with infrared light therapy although it may be cancer forming in the long run....... My friend whom educated me upon Morgellon filiment Syndrome shared this with me the other day. Now I share it with you. Donated 25$ to Carnicom research as his data is the most telling and helpful.
Keep on keepin on. Everyday it feels like soul death. I know. Pain and sensations modulate unexplainably. It doesn't make sense. That is why we are jere together crowdsourcing and sharing. I pray The CDC does the right thing. The doctors and health care industy treat us without dignity nor integrity on there part. There hands are tied till CDC makes its so called 'judgement' pray pray pray. America be good for the sake of all that is right and just.
Wand zapper is the big zapper he uses on his head. It is a different form of zapper than the blood electrification zapper but gets rid of things past the blood/brain barrier. It might be good to do both in case you need some lymph nodes zapped. Not sure where but you can see him demonstrate somewhere in this series: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkCHrV6cCfw
Amazing: how to cure cancer & HIV (Dr. Bob Beck) -part 1/13
This is a rare video, taken in 1996 at Ventura College, of Dr Robert (Bob) Beck.'

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