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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New paradigm time perception will send sanity spiraling. Best to have known Slow time for that little window of our youth. Now Know the tempo beyond prestissimmo as we are expected to keep up with the blazing bliostering bitstream zapping microwave A.I. Devices strapped near our gonads. Nano one's and zero's baby fried. My smile is purely artificial. Was called a racist. HA. All dna die. Learn that Dna is the big holdback keeping you landlocked on gristly old Gaia terra firma. Prison planet fuckpod hive larva. Time bending silver malleable. We'll course back and forth within your lived time stream after death; that is unless you've been selected for immortality with the condition of no continued offspring DNA child replications. Then you are free to fly explore multiverse. Become the weather. YOU ARE the WinD. ThE WinD is you. World War Seven is a muthAfucka of psyionic dominance amongst those who claim control over dna modification. Good times if your gone AWOL infinite off world. Bad times if yer ghost string is trapped as they will begn to nullify all remenants of history Ghost physical and digital. Good luck vogelONE you and I and ET ike have a chance to escape. 5th column or bust. Love always, iLL.

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