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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Babe ruth work

A young teenage babe ruth image portrait identified and purchased by william lincoln schafer in september 2020 from a massachusets antique image dealer on ebay.com. William L. Schafer is a bonafide tintype whisperer using his own techniques of remote viewing and historical imagination to peer thru time, space, and time/space, the maps are of the face and the eyes are portals to thier soul....so to speak. William states this image of babe ruth was easy as could be seemingly as if seeing an old friend he has known his entire life, William is also known in the historical remote view world as the one who purchased the billy the kid mccarty family marshall missouri estate sale lot of tiintypes, daguerreotypes, cabinet CSV cards and snapshots which include iconic photos of william henry mccarty around the time of his mothers death of consumption, i.e. tuberculosis along with a stark tintype of his transformation into that famous outlaw cowboy billy bonney. Provenance is the collection itself which contained daguerreotypes of his mother, grandmother, tintypes of him with his brother, his father, and aunt. Even more incredible of an image of an older billy the kid with a wife and daughter with pat garrett standing behind them in the shadow, the collection came down through the descendents of billys daughter. Where images of grandpas horses are seen. Grandpa would have been Billy the kid. Contact jazzresin@gmail,com for interviews or further information of provenance and authorship,

w. l.

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