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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Quell the belly fire of obsese no name orc trolls


To you trolls shills and naysayers whon extinguish ideas and and shower othera effort with negativity with the prescribed bullshit "only one photo authentic of the kid" i wish you would know yer place. Im not gonna give up on you all so quick. The only good skeptikal mind is an open one. A and let me remind us all -The title of this page is btk mysteries-movies -books. Now what does that imply. Hmmm. I mean really. What good is "not billy" and a rain of "nopes"? You all have so little imagination to entertain something that may very well be the real thing empirical. You struggle with maybes? I was a bit put off being called a meth user and that my relevant contibtions were some awful horrible word for worthlessness. I mean ouch that hurt. I figured after my feelings simmered down that i just failed in presenting the growing evidence of the authenticity of the 2019 marshall mo estate sale lot. Here i am not quitting please tho. Whats up!?!? Why the haters and shill troll. Perhaps bullies are necessary to toughen the pack to be able to survive the larger slings and arrows of the larger than world. Still you dont have to make the shill shade statements so basic and dim. Its absurd and makes you seem out of place in a site about mysteries booka and movies. I had struck a nerve yesterday when i postulated (note that word postulated) that billy the kid was a time traveler. Maybe? some of you all need to expand your universe quite a bit. You need to be able to suspend disbelief and explore hypotheticals. Hell go metafiction and start creating yourself as the tintype traveling photographer who for a month and a half hung out camped and became good friends with billy bonnie. I Believe you can. This aint rocket surgery. Think time travel impossible? No man its the most easy and natural thing to do. Watch this short film by gus van sant called the discipline of d.e. It speaks of timetravel and space travel. And should invoke a bit of travel in each viewer. The film was is deeply significant to my experience and involvement in the historical presence of billy the kid. Say hi to wyatt earrp. And wonder how did those roman coins end up buried in the Colonel's yard anyways........

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