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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Transperency now

Been instructed to enquire about protection from sim swaps or phone ports. So before i can regain account access to my wallet i am to see what you say. One of my devices an ipad 5th gen i bought second hand. Is it possible he has a some back door to my account. I have had significant others in the past who turned out to be of the narcassistic personality type there are invisible phone backup sites she may have used on me. How can i find out? So i need your help. Last I have been robbed romance scammed by someone a few years ago and they bounced a check after i had sent 2000$ in bitcoin of what i thought was their money. They seemed to have acceess to my accounts. I am done being the victem i am also tired of being spied on by the endless advertisers google facebook microsoft all have been breaking the law with renegade hacker employees yet they tell us consumers that everything is safe. What does att do about criminal employee renegade hacking. You have employees who have access to everything i do. How do i know it is not att that had been causing my very real suffering and financial lack of security. I have never heard of sim swaps or phone ports. Please help. Jazzresin@gmail.com william schafer 3143232999 a customer since 2004!

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