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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Apple review of last lifetime oh my

Either or. The heavenly music corporation is being funded thru the remote view efforts at tintype inc. on the multiple choice questions i would answer honest when it offered rock whisperer.  Been preternatural with it longer than i can admit.  Cia monroe gateway procedure freedom of information act foia everyone should read it.  Gman travels dimensions meets the godess all types aliens achieves satori. Still has to report back on monday morning with old school typewritten report to boss. Anyways. Trump tesla titor pepe vril biff memetics ingersoll lockwood last president john trump barron tinhat rabbit hole no 1.  Thats as politikal as im gonna get. This album was pullibg teeth a mirror for our bill gates agenda numb nine ten covet  lonely turned up even the witch turn me down for a younger lover. So whisper tintypes get me so i can take a someone on a date or vacation lifelong. I give give give if ui want something just ask. Is ok if it broke just say so. This world. Why saline county. Burial mounds? Au?  Do i have to?  A real cezanne? Get out. Omg thats a van gogh.  Well. Guess i was there all clicked out.  Not many heard the awful cackles of demonic crows go silent after the gunshot. I barely survived the holy message which i wont share.  Am all too aware of drama which the boss at Yaw waY forgive please david foster wallace and let tom pynch be like joseph quick mccarty and well be all old west together back to the future 7. Babe ruth i did not see coming but i swung without doubt put it out of the park. I knew babe since 2nd grade thornhill library if u traveled u too would look up babe billy and the other wildboys.  David bowie in davey jones locker naw  was a wild boy see him there too riding high again with eno and fripp ok. 33 tracks of my struggle with being hacked by apple from the inside renegade employees  bumgardnerbtroll the monster who sold me the ipad fifth feels entitled to survey for nsa purpose facebook badoo insider scum.  Coinbase google trap doors   Subhuman mistys. Ask dr nicki sathers  endless fake liz lamberts. I let it go. Look up jresin on my ebay survivalism so broke i sold the conn naked lady tenor from 1936

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