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Saturday, September 26, 2020

So yesterday i did that thing. Click out of sorts and i was pullin results. I suppose no one is more capable than me to whisper tintypes lost trajectories back into play. Ohr george e. Ohr ro geo. H. Ruth far out. If Yaw waY took human form he would of been george ohr or babe ruth. Not bad. Pretty good. Billy the kid im still scrying trying to decipher when catching flack and naysayers obfuscation. I mean i already know but how to best approach deception of death assisted by the big dreamer sheriff pat garrett (just another wild boy at heart)

Here is my sonic ritual. Though the powers that be apple google facebook microsoft att all fuck me over like some mega narcassistic girlfriend you made the mistake of trust8ng.

Lex whats up. Please dont be one of them.

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