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Saturday, September 5, 2020


I had a girlfriend back in the day named hisoka. I was head over heels for her and she was indeed a femme fatale of significant caliber. We eloped in a sorts after getting evicted i up and quit the straight eights r&b revue and my kush dj gig on saturday nights and we took the blue truck and uhaul in tow headed to seattle to play in st. Mondays band with our little black cat sepuku. Life was glorious but not easy. I hated working kitchen jobs when all i wanted to do was blow horn. Paying credit cards off with more credit cards. Anyways seattle wasnt easy. I remember reading david foster wallaces infinite jest i remember the first time ice. Anyways much strife and miles later back in missouri. Blue flowers doctor octagon,. Sure daft punk around the world, close it with rotterdam hardcore gabba. I had bailed from working at the world trade center after working banc audi 34th and madison, i crash land from bay ridge brooklyn to st. Louis. There she was living with her dad not far from where i was. It seemed like everything was setting in place till one morning after making love i spoke of marriage. She got upset about me merely speaking of it, i was so hurt that i bailed on the relationship quick as can be. Ended up in a marriage of ten years to the next woman. Am single again but think about her often. A feeling of what if..... an affect similar to this song. And hey hisoka if you read this dont be shy about looking me up. Jazzresin

w. l.

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