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Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Saddest Little Mohair Teddy Bear In Need Of A New Hug & Surgery

Those tears you see in its eyes are nearly real as this little antique 5"  of a kapok filled mohair bear use to belong to a famous hug belonging to the reknowned collector/bear designer Countess Anastasia Soetanto of 10th street saint louis. Hundreds upon hundreds of bears of all makes and sizes the Countess and i would road trip high and low searching out these strange old totems that gave comfort during loneliness and protected children from the awfulness of darkness  and creatures of the night.  I learned many many things from the Countess.  Such as the true power of Cuteness and the healing nature of cuddle.  Though the ritual of saying the names of each of her bears before sleep got old i truly came to appreciate and respect the value and magic of teddy bears.  When i was dying from an unknown illness the Countess like the professional analysist  she was decided to cut her losses and part with me.  If only i knew that however awful what i now know to be chronic lyme disease made me feel that it wasnt going to kill me rather it was engineered by a former nazi scientist paperclipped into the united states biological weapons laboratory on plum island across from the town of Lyme; that it was a spirochette bacteria upon weaponized ticks that caused an illness designed not to kill rather to incapacitate and create a burden upon the society and those around the inflicted, maybe she would have chose differently.  Unknown dermopathy and the CDC.  After i had lost my job, the marriage, the estate and house is when the CDC started to fess up to the numbers being more than three million rather than the 300,000 they ordered the doctors to deny it as a possibility for many years.  Doctors adhering to the best practice checkbox method they were just following orders.  Anyways the Countess had left with her top twenty bears and so it was up to me to find homes for the rest in which i am proud to say i accomplished with the help of ebay.  But this little bear showed up the other week he must have been hiding out in a catch all or inside some odd antique.  I shed a tear with it for look how miserable and neglected he has become with one ear hanging on by threads and a gash in his right arm so wide you can literally see his kapok!!  Well im doing better my little golden bear and am sure it will be too once it is in the loving knowing grace of a expert teddy bear specialist with hugs just as grand if not greater than the Countess Anastasia herself. 

Feel free to contact me with questions and please check out my other items for auction.

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The Saddest Little Mohair Teddy Bear In Need Of A New Hug & Surgery

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