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Monday, June 10, 2019


  1. That day was a death trip; so much phenomena. A fire ring from 10000plus years archaic I can see the ring via Google earth rio grande dead land coyotes howled at my claiming of a skull landmark that became part of shaman staff. As you can see from the unaltered photo I was in between worlds. Still am

  2. In ear park in falcon park after the sixt annual morgellons research conf in Austin Texas 2013. I survived the death trip checkpoints with Paloma Picasso bag of poison but would catch hell from home not the city but godforsaken county. NorthernNova@gmail.com. Spooks nsa fuk if I know. All I was doing was playing saxophone and tryin to explain that it’s a sax case Fukien otooles


Look im busy. I dont know if and when i will reply. Sorry if my post offended. Life is strange.