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Monday, March 18, 2013


There is some evidence albeit, scattered in varying degrees of reliability across the often too strange to be true web. The inventor of the MG pop control was a israelian scientist working at Stanford. He messed up. MG doesnt kill just causes intolerable suffering, anyways the 'hypertext' of it all was that the U.S. government, realizing the awful treachery of it all, gunned him down in assassination as his car was stopped at a stop light. There was a picture of him posted looking like a deer in the headlights. .....myth or not...we all do our best to try to figure it out cause it defies logic. My contribution is that MG functions in a Non-newtonian manner. Look up non-newtonian & speaker, on youtube and i bet a lot of those suffering from it will immediately identify with the freakish movement and lifelike presence of cornstarch on speaker cone. Then of course the most terrifying is the modulation of the deer tick paralysis agent used as a knockout weapon -mk naomi-(the k is for knockout just as mkultra was about LSD used as a warfare agent (which of course they perfected into BZ which our nation stockpiles and can easily spray down upon the enemy or its citizens in order to take then down. Close encounters of the third kind- spraying the tresspassers and livestock that were in the vicinity of Devil's Tower)) after reading about that I was sickened to the core. Evidence is a subjective term. Scientific evidence? Prob not. But evidence does exist through the frightening mirror of our own theories amplified and interspersed with the truth on the interweb. Hackers keep hacking this. Help us out and set us free!!! Scientists keep hacking away at what it is and May we all be cured or at the very least be treated with dignity in coping with a mysterious illness that is all too real......

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