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Saturday, March 2, 2013


"I'm sorry to say this, Mr. Mayerson," Miss Fugate said; she went over to the pots, picked one up and held it in her hands, weighing it, rubbing its glazed surface. "But I get a distinctly different impression than you do. I feel these ceramic pieces will make it." Hnatt looked from one to the other of them.
"Let me have that." Mayerson pointed to a dark gray vase; at once Hnatt handed it to him. Mayerson held it for a time. "No," he said finally. He was frowning, now. "I still get no impression of this item making it big. In my opinion you're mistaken, Miss Fugate." He set the vase back down. "However," he said to Richard Hnatt, "in view of the disagreement between myself and Miss Fugate-
-" He scratched his nose thoughtfully. "Leave this display with me for a few days; I'll give it further attention." Obviously, however, he would not.
Reaching, Miss Fugate picked up a small, oddly shaped piece and cradled it against her bosom almost tenderly. "This one in particular. I receive very powerful emanations from it. This one will be the most successful of all."
In a quiet voice Barney Mayerson said, "You're out of your mind, Roni." He seemed really angry, now; his face was violent and dark. "I'll vid you," he said to Richard Hnatt. "When I've made my final decision. I see no reason why I should change my mind, so don't be optimistic. In fact don't bother to leave them." He shot a hard, harsh glance toward his assistant, Miss Fugate.

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