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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Sorry, i coined this out of deep frustration. UPO is unidentified parasitic object. Its play on words is that yes it is like a UFO. Aliens from inner space. it is true hundreds of world theories. I have worked in a clinical medical field as a music therapist for 7 years. I had faith in wash u. Doctors when i first seeked help from dermatologists 4 years ago. It was the beginning of a downward spirak. Indeed. Wild theories put aside. Morgellons has made me delusional due to daily pain, inexplicable phenomena, and a declining stability in life.i am homeless, i dont know if long term disability will be established. Forclosure on my house due to my ex not relenquishing the mortgage. I have paid for so much health care it is pitiful. I thank the charles holman foundation for their research and support, i have had it. I need to go to canada to get proper treatment??? I had a battery of 14 blood tests, negative on lyme. A high platelet and lymphocyte count. Low on vit. D. No metal poisoning like i had hypothesized earlier, Cindy, do not get me wrong. I am a morgellons activist, i am unafraid to speak my story, i suffered 4 years without knowing the term Morgellons. Trictolomania?? No...the egg most certainly came before the chicken. My symptoms match those of morgellons sufferers. Thus 'self diagnosed' i have recieved the full punishment of the stigma. I keep on keepin on Cindy! I thank u! And respect your words! - bill

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