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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sitting in front of Leo's coffee xone blu note. Sax and green plaid fedora. Dont' know where i'm going to. Now i'm alone. East ash track two on ellie the 'alone song' was up on rebel hill checking out chert found a monmouth pottery shard. Blood shed is held only in the decaying tree stumps. I listened to matthew herberts song 'manchester' you know its hard to look back and see the way it should of been. It wont be here again. I roll in a mobile recording studio named 'swing low' i have a 68' selmer mark vi tagged 'serena' hoy. waiting to unleash her sex screams and mean low moans. graffitied the maxima adding an x to the se. I have no idea. Playing Lex's bass was a thrill he posted a thunk sunk photo tweet of charles mingus. Met a bulgarian traveler sweet girl photographer cute even with hair comin out of her beauty mark near her thin lips. She wore a panda hat. Lex sez the vibrancy of the place stems from the aquaduct near the power plant. Effervecent. Lex brilliant with his academic tet. Tourettes syndrom.om.

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