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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Was goin on my bruh?? I dont know!!! Not an idea!!! I came to see you!! I couldnt sEe you. Was told not to come around so i dint.

if U fuk up ethics n morals thas on yer karma. I have nothin to hide but u cross line posting as me. I was told not to come round you holmes. I dont know if its u or yer 'wife' thats writing me all the hate mail. My esteem of self is so non existent that it dont hurt much. I dont plan on having much time. More important than our friendship, which means alot to me, is for me to get well with the lord. So bygones be bygones. And wuteva is like 'yeah yeah yeah' means nothin but a dismissal. SoRry bout death drugs. Im sure yer 'wife' would think POoRly upon my need to self medicate. Well fuck her. She has no idea how poor my outlook is. If she was a TRUE christian she wouldnt be hacking your account to hack me. Fuckin hack the corrupt system not a member of the choir, minister, pastor....chaplain. I'll always think of you as comrade. But as i git sicker i know that my illness has caused me to lose or cause distance with friends.

I fucked up but my genius friend you wrote the script in which i fucked up. I suppose i'll never see you again. We did. Go out on a blast, rock n roll n uncut funk, one love. N fkall with passion and the healthy bestial love that god made us all kinky with. Missionary bitches send you to church might keep u alive but it AInT goNna make u happy. But happy dont matter really. Love you always Alexander Wesley Hollaway Melise. Always and then Some!!! william lincoln schafer.

If neccesary this would be an appropriate end of reference to @jazzresin @melayela. And end correspondence.

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