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Monday, June 24, 2013


Phreak a mudder fodder will u? Several hours later I git got done. Man. I messed up thinkin ya'll was manager. (I thought it meant comrades and support. I had to do the this and that to reestablish my OLD SKOOL kloak n scagher the fuckin beeatch. Facebook stock? Wutever call me a nazi will u. Jus cause wot. Son of glyphosate tryin to write a book and a fictional metamovie director as character....i am sweatin in this sweatlodge of a mobile swinglow mobile recording studio. Wots with yer blitzkrieg on me bra??? I forgive and all. I cant visit U cause I did WOT U toll me to do. Fool. Anyways its done with fun. U can hit me i wont hit back. But i sure can pen a scrap of worthless paper and make it bloodmoney. I'm a goddamnednblessittofuk AUTHOR now. Musician is secondary (cloaked...rich and uinvisible to the music making im confident and confirmed i play for noone but wind and quasars u dig? Sure the blood penny is valuable. U a stoopid fooll for cursin at people throwin you money. Of course RAIN PELTED BRuISED SMELTED one does not care if the xoin missed the case. Yeah if you deleted http://www.facebook.com/jazzresin you would have messed ALL of my FACEBOOK up not jus the stooppid page but my hidden name. The name of the movie when i die. One of my seven souls. I love you alex. Dont be to difficult with my thanatos. FKALL with passion y'know and of course ONELOVE.) This letter to FB enabled me to cancel the scheduled deletion: I am primary manager (creator) of a page. My friends phone was abused by her wife and she chose to permanantly delete page. I have removed my friend as a manager but i still am unable to undo the scheduled deletion. The page is http://www.facebook.com/jazzresin.

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