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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Semantics jogs it as creolization occurs. New words. Bitch aint a cuss word no more. Txt twt mkes lnguage SMDH @ PCP no ADD fer me. Meltdown i write a tragicomedy soon of disgraceful pithy and attempt to negate zro until it becomes absolute grandmal seizure smak hed on clinic floor. Psigotic brick beaned. Bumbilbee. Fraid there is no happy place far far away. Dismay. Unsafe and a car is too much of a liability for me to deal with as ill i grow. Near i will be seven year in sept. Of a seven year bullet. A gamma ray ripped a thread through me. I am blessed to have such struggle. I grow evil. Lyconthropy like my bristle back hairs are course n sharp an no longer do i eat food but drink of the moon. I plot both salvation and demise for humanity. Evolve. I and I parasitic morgellons i am so sick and can recieve no treatment other than ridicule and exclusion. PCP fired me as a patient sed go to wash u infectious disease. Typhoid mary. I lay waste as an vector agent i am. Soon. Salvation lies in letting go and being homeless. Really really bum stark raving mad homeless. I see already where this cave-in will lead. Nanoaluminum and barium neurotransmitter disrupters. Feel the orginism dig deep into reptilian brain. I dont breathe oxygen like i use to. My breathe is alkyline and corrosive. I no longer recognize myself. I apologize. M josh. I am alone and facing vegatative brain psychosis.

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