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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It will get worse. DON'T trust the health care/industrial/academic protocol/DSMIV-V/Big Pharma oligarchy as IT may ruin your life as THEY have mine. Support the CEHF.com (charles holman foundation) as they have been instrumental in keeping it science. CEHF Nurses Sunny Gwen and Cindy Casey are saints in my mind. Do not trust Wikipedia/MSN/Google/Fox/etc. The Sin of the CDC will one day be revealed. Do be aware that Morgellons is a systemic illness. I explain in my activism that MgD or MD or (whisper...borrelia burgdorferi) is a physiological condition that DOES CAUSE SEVERE psychologic issues. (Take the P out of PTSD) You are at daily war shellshocked with TRAUMATIC STRESS/ANXIETY disorder Comorbid with some extended form of TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME. ( I didn't find out i was suffering a condition called 'morgellons' till the fourth year of now six years enduring daily phenomena/hell/suffer well (My fool of a dermatologist scolded me as he said THEY don't use the word comorbid) Derm MD's are despicable in their protocol and "matchbox-checkbox" cop-out laziness and ignorance obedience. He berated and belittled me saying, "get a hobby." After 9+ visits to WASHU MD he fired me as a patient!!! Telling me he could do no more for me...oh god. THEN sept. 28, 2011 i found out about morgellons through 'crowd sourcing' my inexplicable woes through 'god bless!!' Facebook.) I am i year six (psychosis) of a seven year (sniped taken out) slow motion death bullet begging the lord daily to take me, this methodist raised zen/tao/pacifist, and his klesha illness MK-NAOMI. The K is for KNOCKOUT. I will stop there..... as, oh no, i should not be writing this in the USA. I will expatriate soon out of deep concern and worry for the future unborn yet to be born children. I made a wise decision in choosing not to breed in a increasingly SICK world. I am Approaching Leaving USG/america.... is the only ethical and moral action i can take.

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