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Sunday, June 30, 2013

He calmly allowed the greater public to know the hideous truth of the technosurvillance state we know have become. NSA. Pshaw. The deep underground military bases home of the permaflops have everybyte of keystroke since who knows when. We all knew it as GenX. The grey hairs. No lol no. Generation Why is like 'so what' Generation Alpha/Omega are soon entering thier teen years. He's a hero whether he's the real cloak n dagger or if he's a hired fall guy. Transperancy and honesty is important if the USG (the teksurvpolice state without benifits of communism) is to return to USA. Can u feel what i'm sayin. Can u taste the saccharin? Can u hear the carrier frequencies of the flourescent bulbs? It does sometimes take a weatherman to taste the coffee. Sensate to psyionic.. Can you intuit the crossroads. Same as it ever was??? Hell fuckin no. Man. New playing field. I dont want to live in the enemy state of the world.

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