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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Very 6th dimensional!!! I love you mike. I am ripped to shreds in the 8th and 9th. Everything has to happen. Then to negate it all to succumb to absolute zero would be my solice. Love is quite evil. Be wary of using the word. Love is what is ruining humanity. Love is a sick canary in a coalmine whistling itself to the inevitable. Sure bring it up for oxygen. A cave in. Gravity and speed of light change. Everything will and has had to happen. So i'm at a deep hatred of the universe within me. I know i was absolutely correct in my rational for the suicide attempt (success) for i saw his werewolf caught unawares. The Face of Yaw waY was unsmiling and subarctic as his realm is the vast vastness of cold. He cares little for Gaia except for those that entertain him with fucking up hissy fits drama kings artists writers poets painters rappers politicians actors covert cia operatives porn stars drug addicts. He does not care about good or evil. It is as it is. So fucking what as he sneers in his curse of boredom. We dont have much longer to live. I've loved every moment with you excpecially the odd awkward ones!!! Keep writing for the young. They will need it,

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