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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sing unto the lord

Pshaa, girl ive heard you singin soft under yer breathe. Now what u do is not give a FUCK what other people and you find a place to start Belting and projecting. I recommend parking in lonely parking garages all to yourself. Campout. And sing. Sing with your children. They all have quite a bit of your talent AND shyness. Liberty my love. We can fight back by singing. U dont EVEN HAVE to sing to the lord (though i recommend it always) lyrics u find off the internet. Blog or facebook the song you want and work it. Usually have to fiddle with it first 8-16 times. Memorizing lyrics??? Well i cant speak on that im no good at it. All i know is you do have to work on quick breaths vs. Deep breaths. Sometimes the quick exhale of old oxygen to get the fresh and o yeah 0O0O open the mouth n throat!!! (I took two semesters of vocal tech at umsl (they were pretty easy cause i'd already suffered on solfeggeto do-re-mi. Do re may do sol ti. Do. Re mi fa sol la ti (or some say si) do. I would love to help. Gots to be informal though like pal to pal. You really dont want me in teacher mode. (Cause im bossy. Lol. Not mean. Just damn bossy and i get snotty with my voice and accidently call my students 'silly' (better than sayin you ninny or damned fool how many times i got to tell you. If the key is G- one sharp in the clef you MUST play F# unless it says F¤ (no natural sign so ¤ means regular or natural ol F) see it gets brutal. Best to sing to the Lord. Music theory is a cruel wonderful and precise science

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