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Monday, June 17, 2013

Remarks made in social security disability application

Onset of illness occurred in 2008. Numerous visits to dermatologists and PCP were ineffective in treating symptoms. Use of BJC human resources encouraged psychiatric care. Psychiatric treatment was ineffective in treating worsening symptoms. Marriage failed due to illness and subsequent divorce, along with worsening symptoms, caused three separate FMLA leaves from job as music therapist (MT-BC music therapist board certified) with BJH psychiatric services adult in-pt ward/Activity Therapy dept. Was deemed unfit for duty by Human Resources on 9/11/2012. Emergency Funds were granted after application. Long Term Disability was approved in April 2013. Loss of House to ex-wife's demands occured in Feb 2013. Currently homeless/living with parents.

I ran out of space to add the following

September of 2011- self diagnosed symptoms as being analogous to Morgellons. Recent research correlates Morgellons to being a hybrid of the tick borne vector illness Lyme Disease; i.e. a bacterial infection of Borreali Burgdorferi, a systemic disease, that if not treated within the first few years, worsens into symptoms of brain fog, severe joint muscle pain, neuropathy,G.I. disturbances, obsessive/compulsive behavior, severe fatigue, attention deficit disorders, social awkwardness, anxiety & stress disorders, and eventually psychosis and death.   

Malpractice suit?

Nine visits to a dermatologist and Dr. Anadkat was unable to diagnose the trade-mark tell tale sign of Lyme Disease, the bullseye like markings. I have numerous digital photographs showing a bullseye sores. In many ways I would say a malpractice suit against Dr. Anadkat would certainly be in order. I was happily married, my wife was in love with me. We had a wonderful house and plenty of retirement dreams. I had a job that I believed in and gave more than 100% to on a daily basis. I had many hobbies and interests. All that has been stripped from me, inhumanly. Dr. Anadkat's diagnosis was lazy and his treatment was brief and vague. Often he would berate me, saying "you need to get a hobby" or "why don't you practice your instruments more." Any suggestion of treatment or suspected cause I would offer he would quickly dismiss. His last visit entailed him telling me that he could do no more for me and that he would recommend me to a behavioral specialist; he did not follow up upon his recommendation. I am not the suing type but the scope and depth of my tragedy is severe enough to  inquire upon the feasibility of my claim.

Anyways, thanks in advance for advice.\

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