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Monday, June 24, 2013


Whats yer take. When we were teenagers i struggled with the fact that Monsanto enabled overpopulation. Now it is known that it is unsafe and terribly unhealthy (roundup..glyphosate) very well may play a part in some cog of population control. In game theory it can be seen as a lose-lose (win) if so 888 evil scientist xxxxxx are agents of a utopian effort. Sigh. Bill gates pushin vaccines. ChemContrails dumping neurotoxic nanoaluminum barium with the guise of cooling the planet from global warming..... I could use an opinion. Near extinction events are just a blip upon the media. What is your writ, your poetry, word virus, time travel efforts like xxxxxxxx? Madness is such a cheap story plot. Post apocolyptical dreams seem so pleasant and refeshing. How is your mind/body adapting to WI/FI radiation. Are u integrated with Smartphone symbiosis. I read burroughs letters to ginsberg and kerouac. I'll be honest. You are the command intellect of Burroughs and i am the schlehmehl reactionary that is Ginsberg. I still have your smal press published poetry that i adore. Amongst my house of treasures there is a grey binder with our correspondeces handwritten. I hope it is within the hastly hoarded treasures i crammed into a U-Store 8x16x10 tomb. It would make great fodder for 'the Novel' I plead that u keep my lifelight real it doesnt need to be REAL/REAL. Just enough to help keep me alive. 20-40 hardbacks would seal the glyph upon the wild Yaw yet keeping to the Way. Word all and then some, !ibill.

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