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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


If you were in the right place right time Boards of Canada were huge!!! I remember the exact day i walked into @vintagevinylstl and heard it playin overhead. Went to the dj booth and bought it as if my ears were dying of thirst!! MUSIC HAS THE RIGHT TO CHILDREN. Indeed music does have the right to children. Telepathic Workshop was a singularity- like they had captured the intent of Eno/Byrnes 'My life in the bush of ghosts' and made it into a living creature. Purchase this one to encourage the scottish duo to continue their research and production. Oh yeah BOC is very 'trophotropic' (trance-inducing) whereas Basement Jaxx is 'ergotropic' (ecstatic dance-inducing). Read the revoltionary collection of music/science research 'Biomusicology' if interested.

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