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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Re: My Phoenix burns so painful, or am i already the singed worm?? Advice upon my future or critique upon my past would be greatly appreciated!!

Love covers a multitude and your genius should not be shamed grey boy write your frenetic frantic !! !!!


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On Jun 18, 2013, at 3:14 PM, jazzresin@gmail.com wrote:

> Love always and thanks in advance for your time. We attempt to hold on to beauty and make objects sounds words. By holding on illness is seeded. Against the grain of god and society the artist spirals down or outwards. Enjoy the ride, face the music, accumulate and hoard, give the treasures away free to kind minded. We hold our shit in when of course nature insists we expel. I stop eating. Then no expel. Dead buDdha kick oxygen kick water. Coffee, ETOH, and tobacco. Fine. Perhaps i should start smoking the kind... Travel to colorado and be legal about the medicinal use. Lord knows i'm hurt beyond comprehension. My Soul is treacherous in its thanatos to burn Phoenix failure it all. Self destroy since i have done my best to fuck it all up. Against God, Society, and now the talons and beak wish to rip the very honest self to bloody unmerciful shreds. My unconscious i fathom is plotting accidental 'screaming across the screen' i roll i ching now like phillip k. Dick. I know i have a novel to write. The i ching agreed upon Windsor with a penchon for return to Columbia with its street medicine. Damn can i sell my Rothko/Warhol/Basquait/Calder, etc. If u know me. My play/play is DEAD SERIOUS. U saw my art accumulation!!! Ana, -I'm sorry but the Art was bought by ME and my speed reading EYE with the help of THe GHOSTS of 1300 s. 10th st. THEY WERE GOOD SPIRITS!!!! An original stl jew art collector hoarder who sold chicken eggs to his RiCh GROCER Brother. (Analagous to mike and joe freeman!!! Our best men rememeber?? ) I would buy all of you tickets and rooms in both FIJI and Tahiti then finally St. Thomas island. SSDI is so bad for any continued existence of mine. Fkt if I stay in current situation. My crossroad of catch 22's....please!!! Off the tesselation travesty. I pulled the saxophone split reed splinter out of my lip after 5 days of perturbed torture. The morgellons, damn/bless it would form its angel hairs in attempt to integrate the wound. I would not allow it and removed hundreds of tendrils that formulated around my lip sore. In a painful shower i had removed a prime filament which caused MAJOR body and back pain. Some unholy alignment had been disrupted in its control overme. My medicine bag is half empty. I was to save it. So in motion i must fly to BLAZE in order to fix the 13,000$ 68 mark VI that i call serena my own holy horn. Then a queer visit to ANNA illinois i must. For the first time at starbucks i heard Daniel Rossen of Grizzly bear/ department of eagles. Good job Starbucks. I like your coffee. Like mE!. I am sick and in my clinical knowledge of psychiatric dsmVI-V. Am certainly now psychiotic. My worm is resilience that i'm not sure i posess. A dead buddha's last lifetime? I am no Amitahba. Are we all not Job?
> 777

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