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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Gotta be a hacker these days to compute. As soon as u step into options and preferences you are applying hacker skillz. You can get it if you really want it! iTunes is EPIC in it's revolution and i do love it through all it's stubborness and 'their side problems' i wouldnt run TOO many 'library management programs' best to choose one. Apple Wins. Forget windows mediaspy. Forget aol-killled-Winamp invasiveAmazonMP3. Mediamonkey was super powered and best left to TB++ bibliotechs. U all that enjoy spotify or streamScreams well i dont buy into that jive. A DJ or musiclover should be able to enjoy the brilliant infocommunism of an actual .mp3 or .mp4 I recommend setting the format preference to that on burns/rips. Stick with the 'REAL THING' Apple for the money to the artist!!

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