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Sunday, June 30, 2013

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri (KMOV) -- A lot of
drivers are hot under the collar after what they
call a major towing scam in St. Louis County.
Witnesses say on Cinco de Mayo weekend car
after car was booted and towed just across from
Hacienda, costing some owners $350 to get back
their cars.
Some customers say it happens several days each
Mark Perkins said he was just across the street
asking a police officer if he could park there
Saturday when his car was booted within
minutes. Barcliff towing had three trucks and
drivers standing by.
"The car was already booted. I talked to the
manager Wayne Barcliff. He told me it was going
to be $150 to remove the boot from my car. After
that I called police because it seemed like an
extortion ring," said Perkins.
There are signs posted warning violators. But in
this case spotters are paid to move in quickly.
Robert Schaeffer says he paid $350 to get his
son's car back, even though he was visiting a wine
store on the property.
Store managers say it has been going on for
years. They wouldn't talk on camera, but the
company that contracts with Barcliff Towing is
Bianco Properties.
"I'm not familiar with the situation so I'm unable
to respond to the question," Bianco Properties VP
Daniel Wolk said when asked if the company was
Bianco issued a statement late Friday, saying the
signs clearly state the policy. The company
offered no defense of the predatory towing.

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