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Monday, June 24, 2013


Message recieved Karen. I will see you on Tuesday in order to set for friday. I wrote a cardinals song last year that samples the ------ theme. If we can uncut funk the polka out of it the version would be $,$$$,$$$. The lyrics are endearing too. 'St. Louis baseball is the best in the World (------------) St. Louis cardinals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwn( you know its true) have a bxx wxxxx or if ya dont drink then a soda pop or ice tea or a lemonade, a or a (sponsered advertiser product like NOS, aMp, monster, or Red bull, yeah redbull for the Redwings.) ... On and on other verse would be about the best fans and stan the man and we'd love for albert pulls to come on home if he took a paycut and a half. Lol.

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