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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Greetings, i am an ol skool pseudo hacker. I was apprentice to a real hacker named Brian V--N. In the late eighties as teenagers we were about the new paradigm of software and Hacked Free. Both of us were Apple ][e and were always frying our modems. Applekat 2400 baud. BBS. Bulliten Board Systems. Trading 5.1/4" floppies with Charles Wallace. Frying the sysop of Apple Manor accidently turning on his kill switch (the room light). Lots of good stories. I returned to computing (hacking) in the late 90's with the advance of mp3 and P2P. I would like to attend or join your group. I believe hackers may save us all. Infromation Wars are heated and i want to offer myself as service. Onelove/Fkall. (The grey mouser was my old BBS user name but now i go by jazzresin world wide.)0

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