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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stephan Bayley
You are on planet earth. Make your way westward.
Jasmine Thyme
me either
X Wesley Holloway Melise
Who kares daddie o slo yur roll and play yur musik fool
Alex StoneBridge
it should need the time no robic cube to your brain !
William Lincoln Schafer
Nah man. In the court of the crimson king. Surely psychotic. Wandered in to some 18th cent. Fuk all.
Benny Thebassplayer
Hilton pricks dawg gott to again a higher mojo than the self proclaimed acrobats. Watch em fall and you'll be the one cat up against there slanderous attack keep out a statick hack or ya might get slinkin by the slugs.
William Lincoln Schafer
Speakeasy under 12th street. (Tucker) fucker better let my psychosis be. 2001 a space odyssey monkey in the high towers cage. Cornelius playin a J.S. Bach invention. A bermuda triangle. Triangulate this bitches with your satellite global positions. The ionosphere lifts up via HAARP to reconfigure satellite position. During which i charge my gamma ray gun covertly in hidden places. Learn to love the LYME disease. Dont need to call it morgellons. Cept morgellons is so much more DIY of a caper. Bullseye rashes anyone. Fuk U nonbelievers. I am sicker than ever. Pardon me while I keep my soliptic black hole mind in check. We're all alone. the first soul is the name of your movie. So whats YOUR drama??? Enough for an afterschool special? Or a plot of experimental plant symbiosis trial. sic sic sic. Heaven heaven heaven Hate hate hate. Nein Nein Nein Zen Zen Zen. Elf. Wolf. God hangs out with his pet werewolf.

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