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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Joni mitchell

~~ "The way to 'Heaven' is to bring it with you ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Sometimes, we gotta go through hell to get to 'Heaven'" -Mitchell
~~ "The way out is in" -Mitchell
~~ "A miracle speaks ...'I don't believe in Miracles.' " -Mitchell
~~ "Life is good, even when it isn't." -Mitchell
~~ "Sometimes you gotta lose to win." -Mitchell
~~ "It's easy when it's easy! Find reason, purpose and meaning when it's hard!" -Mitchell
~~ "If you're gonna think, think again!" -Mitchell
~~ "Make it so!" ...
~~ "When life do what it do, as it do-do, simply say 'Of Course!' (to soften life's 'blows')" - Mitchell
~~ A master once said, "When embarking on the spiritual path, 'Oh Dear! There's no turning back! You've really done it now!' "
~~ "Not thoughts be your guide, rather, guide your thoughts." -Mitchell
~~ "That which is within, and that energy entering this body/mind/spirit, causing harm and ill health, must and will be transformed into love healing energy and sent out in every direction" -Mitchell
~~ One morning ten years ago I awoke from a dream chanting over again and again, and writing this down so as not to forget ... "It doesn't matter who did what, there's nowhere else to go but up ..." -Mitchell
~~ "This life, our life, and what we do with it on this planet is "simply" a display, a reflection, of what is going on in our consciousness. The proof is in the puddin'. Look at our planet, what humans are doing to it, and with it, and to one another, and ask yourself ... ~ 'How's this working for us/me?' " -Mitchell
~~ "Step away from monkey mind, not tangle ... Observe ... Inhabit your higher self ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Anything is possible, but manythings you think are true, are not ... " -Mitchell
~~ "Grow where you are planted ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Change your future now ..." -Mitchell
~~ "Write your equation … 4 u r the sum of u … " -Mitchell
~~ "We are largely a product of our environments … how's your inner environment doing? …" -Mitchell
~~ "We reveal ourselves to ourselves in everything we do … life is our mirror … howdoyoudo? …" –Mitchell

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