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Monday, June 24, 2013

Rant n rave to no one in

Rant n rave outside of Mangia Italiano to no one in particular...

Generation Y generation WHY better figure it. Generation WHY Generation X is dead and fried circuitry altered attempts at understanding and contributing. But Generation Y don't you know Generation 'AlphaOmega' is bout to come of age. Need to figure it out Quick. God bless the Youth Generation Hippie Counterculture Digital Pioneer Generation but Generation X died with 'this is really happening' LCD soundsystem. Gen X hacked since applekat modems and Bulliten Board Systems. Generation WhY the Internet was given to you. Hack deeper Generation WHY it up to YoU to guide Generation 'ALphaOmeGa' End or Begin. Love is not the answer Fkall Onelove. As the center of the milkyway there is an essential supermassive blackhole that puts the god endorsed motion of life into play the spin of sol gaia luna. We ALL nearly died a couple a weeks back in this june of twenty-thirteen when an extinction event astroid flew close enough to earth. Close enough to super8 the surface. Now the Moon is the closest its ever been to us in recorded history. I also am tortured by the aromatic decay. The nano-aluminum/barium stench of slow population control dumped upon us daily in order to stem off 'global warming' is far worse than the organic floral joy of organic skunk. Whale blubber....i cry for the children not yet born....generation 'alphaomega' seek help from WHY n X n Boomer. It's too late for us.

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