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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy fathers day ben!!!!

Hope you dont mind the non sequiters. I havent started writing the novel yet. But its a witches brew boiling and bubbling in the wretches of my soul.
Hi Mike! Mikey mike. "I'm a free agent! I'm an agent of freedom." -william lincoln schafer. (Wish i was a freeman!!)

(Nate is Stacie Moffat's Husband and owns and operates many tattoo shops including All-star tattoo and trader bobs. Stacie was one of my high school sweethearts. She was a freshman and i was a senior....go figure).

Dear Nate
Im in town. Not so well. Lol. Doing my best to fuck up the shit as quick as i can. Catfish billy since my addy went awry. I got lyme. Burrelia burgdorferi, morgellons. I'm wonderin who to sue for malpractice. Though i'm not the sueing type. No job. No wife. No house. And i got to expatriate for a while just to say 'maryland heights aint got human rights.' Safer by far in the city than it is in the sprawl. Would love to remix the mixes. Say 500 gb of material on a drive would be cheaper and quicker than a 100 burn discs. (Although i'll do a batch for ol skool sake. Trade a an arc of five sailor stars round my shoulder. The general of my demise. lol. I purchased boards of canada yesterday. Icy pararanoid comfort. Yes sir ree. - i listened to trent reznors 'social network' soundtrack for five hours yesterday. Such a masterpiece. I still be zef boostaclad with die antwoord. Purchased their 'expensive shit' single. Burial was the true dubstep hero before it went back to techno. I rave on my ol skool 93-09. Generation WHY took over. Thas cool. Your Ave gonna be solid Gen Alpha/Omega. I prophesize daily cause i'm going psychotic and i know what psychosis is so it makes me all the more dangerous to myself and others. Through it all though i'm unfortunatly a pacifist and zen tao dead buddha yadda yadda yadda. I stop by if i'm not negating the world with a pillow over my head tryin to sleep three days in a row.........happy fathers day Nate! I lov u my bruh. Through n' through.

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