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Friday, September 20, 2013


Big Gigantic


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  1. No idea. Prob a blackberry woops auto send like a butt call. I don’t know. Whatcha all lookin for? big gigantic a big big love? Sure I get that. I’ve been so alone for years on end now, I can’t even remember what it is to be there for someone. I have no one thus time disappears, I am timeless immortal in a way. Free of time. If I did have someone loving me I would surely click back in to time and time would zip by and I’d be dead before you can blink. Loneliness sucks isolation sucks I blame it on the selfishness of women with their will to kill in the name of their child and the government, im not anti love I’m not saying much just the way it feels. Little i can do about it, set up to fail. Measures in place that I succeed.