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Thursday, May 2, 2013


hello beautiful! i'm a real person. my name is bill. i'm a musician, writer, dreamer, artist! ex-hacker. on long term disability from my job as music therapist with BJH psychiatric inpatient services,---tick bourne illness is a quick way to explain it----- i'm free with way too much time on my hands. i'm lookin for friends and/or lovers. i live day to day. they send me death checks and i squander them wandering about. was in austin tx for the 6th annual morgellons research presentation. got interviewed by the bbc!! that was cool. went south to laredo and had an experience xactus hunting, south padre island. then booked it to biloxi and xried a lot. ohr-o'keefe museum of art, my plan was to run out of death money. didnt happen, prob go to windsor ontario, canada, think about becoming an expatriate,,,,, i know yer like, goodness sakes this fellow sure sez alot..... well, your cute glenda, and i could use a friend, text me. we could have coffee, or just

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Look im busy. I dont know if and when i will reply. Sorry if my post offended. Life is strange.