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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Re: Word

Understood and Agreed upon. Celine was read. Used it as the key to WSB's password phrasekey. My reminisce memory is razor sharp. My short term memory is SHOT. I love u ben. This gift of encouragement no matter how meta is a singularity in the darkness of my current life. I am proud that you made it!!! Watch 'dead man' watch 'through a scanner darkly' and pray for me. Mike! Can you shadow write a bit for me. Comic like. Showing me as some Schlemehl Slothrop Holy Fool. Mike. You are My Cassidy, Ben You are my Ginsburg. I cannot be WSB but i can Kerouac the fuck out of it all.

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MS Word and make sure it is a recent version since we editors use "track changes" pretty heavily and you'll find it useful to follow my notes and comments. The fragments you have sent are already interesting, my only comment is that not just William S. should be able to decipher the text, but a larger audience who may not know you and your power of imagination and transposition.

I'd think about how you can include sex, too. It should have lots of fragments and studies of the incredible people you have known as that will give it a special historical-social relevance. And do not forget to look at your former work at Barnes. This is especially where "Journey to the end of the night" by Céline comes in. He worked in health care and the second half of the novel is his portrait of his work as a doctor in the 1920s-1930s... I mean, what the fuck goes on this hospitals? Can you get to some of the superbugs they stock in those places?


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Will do. I am preparing to purchase a laptop. The text will be in MS Word or notepad?!? I will commit myself to writing it in New Mexico or Windsor Ontario. For now i fragment splice and document through blogger.

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Whadup hommies? Thanks for the inspiration, Bill. Keep up the good work and think one thing: NARRATIVE, work on the art of storytelling. Readers want people, places, actions. I know you have stories pouring & roaring through you. Work on forming them, giving them contour, put the right words into the mouths of your characters, make your writing reach a larger audience by giving them anchors and lessons. Make it exciting or intense. Never a dull sentence. Ben

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Thank you all for the discussion. Quantitative and Qualitative research must accept anecdotal and meta analysis; work in tandem towards the goal. I believe we can solve our mutual PROBLEM..if not for US then for future generations.

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