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Friday, May 3, 2013


Complete the vicious circle of DNA. Procreation is programmed to be 'fun' wake up breeders and smell the stink of overpopulation. DNA eats itself. No worries we're made this way. Living in the F@#kpods of the larval hive planet. All efforts are for naught. Music and Art make life worth living but for how long. Listen to Ryoji Ikeda!!! Zap teenage boys with 8yr sterilization rays. To have a kid a couple needs to pass multiple world citizen tests. If the earth is unsustainable in a part of the world then food should not be a charitable donation. The government should not reward single mothers a larger check for having more than 2 children. On and on. War and Starvation are the only check/balance against overpopulation. On that note f#@k Monsanto' glyphosate roundup monopoly which pumps so much corn syrup and artificial soy into us. Sorry. I'm done. No really....for now. Fkall

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