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Thursday, May 16, 2013

I failed at Basic but sped red assembly language. Hacked. Traded floppy disks with a young Notorius B.I.G. Then got in trouble when Brian V--N messed up a long distance procedure (he also fukt up apple manor's 18computer linked BBS by turning on the lights which was the sysop's KILL switch!!!! Lol) ended up costing his parents 1989 90$ phoyne call and that was the end. I stopped hacking cause i went to college. I played simcity and civ but saw how the mush and Mudd was stealing students souls and instead learned myself a wicked saxophone §TŸ//. It wasnt till 1999 that i got back into serious 'computing' through a 60$ forest park community college HTML programming summer school course. Then it was 'zoom zoom zappa' learned to git what ever the hell i wanted reel quik. Willman's comp lab stUdent work lackey my entire time @UMSL. Joe Freeman (look em up via my friends was my comp guru as he was bankin buku through his uberhackercompprogrammerdesignerimplementerdomainnameserverallofitallofit knowledge. Budweiser Nascar contracted never wore suit or tie long hair rocknroller patsajakassassin creator. Me i rode coattails. Lol.

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