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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I wrote a song tonite outsida vintage vinyl. S'bout when 20 guns drawn upon a saxophone player blue. I blow sax. I blew it???? What did i do???? Ill with morgellons....nova police gonna nail me to the cross for crimes against time travel. Fkt. I shake with shot nerves. Next time i'll make a fuss and have them rat-a-tat me. C'est la vie. It would be an interesting death. Shall i do it again??? Look at me i'm blowing up. Ka-blu-ee. Kilroy was here. I'm a ghost of my former self. Dint even know i'm honor roll of stl sax players. It's an honor just to be in the same space as dave stone!!! Life can fuk u up. Morgellons can fuk u up more than life. I'm fukt fuckt. When i get to hell. I'll be workin as charon. Comin or goin?? Never know. Keep goin'

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