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Sunday, May 5, 2013



For anyone in any doubt Morgellons Syndrome is very real. It is linked to Chemtrail fallout; derived from self replicating, self repairing nano-particle technology found in the spray.

The program is officially named: Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. An extraordinary level of secrecy surrounds the whole operation, reflecting a well-organized, coordinated international-scale "continuity of agenda" being carried out country to country; an undemocratic, scientific experiment being waged on our communities, one seemingly above/outside the  jurisdiction of local government  intervention, monitoring or ethical checks & balances – especially in terms of the imminent threat posed to public/environmental safety, for our generation and more so, those generations to come.

Agenda 21 will provide the mechanism needed to gain complete control over nature, societies, the natural life cycle as we once knew it. Agenda 21, once it is fully implemented, will spell the end of human access (the common people that is) to wilderness areas, the formation of Centralized "Planned-opolis" ghettos (managed by a powerful committee of Technocratic Elites), where-in the government can/will systematically determine the limits of growth via sterilization programs, the abolishing of any/all principles of self-determination of the body, a unilateral ban on organic produce, the cutting off of all natural resources ie. fresh water, clean air, literally blocking out the Sun's Ultra Violet Rays via round-the-clock Chemtrail aerosol spray saturation of our skies with Aluminum, Barium & Strontium particulates, micro-bacterial viruses & Level 5 Bio-lab produced Nano-particle technology (self-replicating, self-repairing) – designed to overtake & weaken the Immune System.

The Chemtrail program involves a convergence of Haarp & Chemtrail technologies), where-in thousands of tons of fine metal paticulates are routinely sprayed into the lower-upper Stratosphere (average 35,000 feet), producing an artificial barrier or shield (city-wide) which literally deflects a large proportion of the sun's UV rays from reaching the earth, producing, depending on the geography below, a cooker-effect or a sudden cooling in temperature. Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is always utilized in conjunction with Chemtrailing, to direct microwave energies (upwards of 36,000,000 watts) toward the filter, which literally heats up or supercharges the metallic "cloud surface" itself. This susequently triggers a host of abnormal weather changes throughout the entire region below, typically severe lightning storms, short-term "monsoon-like" rainstorms, prolonged overcast skies, drought and/or flooding, depending on the targeted region, if the program is continued for weeks or months on end.

The Technocratic Elites who have hyjacked our Governments are triggering a deluge of floods & prolonged adverse weather conditions; while cutting all urban populations off from access to the sun's beneficial D3 rays. White haze is now the "safe alternative" to true blue skies. This is the new phase which will auger in the coming control grid distopia. Once all the pieces are in place and the rules of Agenda 21 are strictly enforced globally (in sync with the rolling out of a digitized, cashless economy) general health levels will plummet as the herd is "herded" into literally centralized polyopolis workcamps. Simultaneously the UN will begin rapidly locking down the vast majority of wetland areas from public use. Irradiated GMO food will replace organic food forever under this system. Expect hybrid Cancer & Autism rates etc to skyrocket exponentially. Morgellon's Syndrome (tied to nano-particle technology embedded in the Chemtrail spray) will become the new celebrity disease of the moment.

The consortium of Technocratic Elites who comprise the dominant Military, Scientific (& Medical) Industrial Complex now literally own our skies, and are routinely, systematically, deliberately messing with nature's natural cycles (integration of Chemtrail & HAARP technologies) in order to pin the blame on man-made "Climate Change"; part of a devious, calculated "Ponzi Scheme" hatched through the United Nations (led by Globalist tycoon Maurice Strong), to use any/all anthropogenic impact on the environment (ie. Carbon Dioxide – vital to sustaining all plant/tree life on earth) as a pretext for taxing the common people back into the Middle ages, whilst imposing gradually worsening austerity measure on our communities, till the masses eventually learn to live with nothing…and grovel on our knees for Global Governance total control over our lives & Institutions.

The masterfully cunning lie behind Agenda 21 involves using the contrived threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming as a pretext for systematically Chemtrailing our skies, artificially blocking out the sun's UV rays, thereby depriving our communities of vital, life-sustaining Vitamin D3, which is causing a rapid chain reaction of environmental catastrophy, due to all the heavy metal particulate fallout contaminating our soil, rendering it unfit for growing natural produce for generations to come due to severe alkalinity levels & equally contaminating our groundwater on which we depend for survival, on top of all the prolonged drought & flooding which is being deliberately triggered across the board via the convergence of Haarp & Chemtrail technologies, diverting natural weather patterns by design, in order to turn traditionally fertile, local farm-land into arid desert; wherepon Monsanto moves in, buys up the land for pennies on the dollar, and begins planting its own Abiotic (crop damage) resistant GMO seeds. Check mate.

All these manufactured extreme weather changes, including the environmental damage, collapsing food & waters supplies, will ultimately be blamed on Anthropogenic Global Warming – the end result of which WE, the people, will pay increasingly higher taxes and be subject to ongoing draconian austerity measures unlike anything society has witnessed since the Middle Ages. Eventually humanity will face much more punishing measures once the Global Governance Police State apparatus is fully in place, as the limits of growth will be strictly determined, by a consortium of unelected, untouchable Technocratic Elites.

And this entire Machievelian-devised operation, which was hatched decades ago in the United Nations, is going perfectly according to plan.  

Agenda 21 Chapter 9: 'Protection Of The Atmosphere – Preventing (Anthropogenic/manmade) stratospheric ozone depletion: To develop strategies aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth's surface as a consequence of depletion and modification of the stratospheric ozone layer.'

"Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced; a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level." UN Agenda 21

"The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an Elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." Zbigniew Brzezinski from his book 'Between Two Ages: America's Role In The Technotronic Era'

Whether you're willing to acknowledge it or not, your environment is being artificially engineered, your immediate & longterm health directly threatened by the onging imposition of Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering aka chemtrailing on your community, the species itself permanently altered, and if you choose to stick your head in the sand, history certainly won't begrudge you for it. And those criminals getting away with this attrociously illegal ongoing crime against humanity will thank you for rolling over and complying without attempting to defend your inherent rights. But in the end you will have done nothing to make a difference for future generations…let alone potentially overlooking the damaging influence your compliance with these crimes will ultimately have on your children. And by extension you will never have earned the right to stand free from tyranny and proclaim your independence.

What's so frustrating to acknowledge about the whole Chemtrail issue is the fact that none of this orchestrated destruction has to unfold as it is planned for us. We are allowing a small handful of lunatics in charge, behind the scenes, through a shadow government network that pulls the strings from the UN, Nato, Military & Air Force echelons on down through all regional departments to carry out their sick plans unhindered & without contest. It's as though we've just given up and sat back in reticent compliance, because we think it's all too complex a machinery to stop the wheels…when the truth is, we could halt this monstrous program overnight if enough of us banded together from around the world to stop it. This attitude must change or else we simply have no future whatsoever.

Furthermore, most current meteorologists have no integrity whatsoever any longer, a band of liars, choosing to ignore the imminent threat posed by the ongoing Chemtrail agenda. The mainstream media blackout on coverage & widespread systemic denial of the glaring Chemtrail assault of our skies around the world is one of the most shameful displays of ignorance & corruption in the history of journalism.

"There is no greater and no more immediate threat to anything that lives & breathes than the Global Geo-engineering programs short of Nuclear catastrophy." Dane Wigington, Solar expert/Climate Researcher

‎"The weather disasters seem to be directely correlated to an increase in Monsanto sales." Barb Peterson, Small farmer/Rancher/ Researcher

I recently met a father at our September 2009 anti-Vaccine rally in the late stages of Morgellons. For all intents & purposes his life is ruined. He has had to effectively isolate himself from his family like a leper due to its highly contagious nature. Since then I have come in contact with another two victims of the Syndrome, both of whom reported the same lingering symptoms.

Morgellon's sufferers are commonly afflicted with protuberant black, blue, red or white hairy fibers which develop under the surface of the skin and grow out in pustules randomly all over the body. The texture is similar to the underside of a mattress when peeled back, extremely painful & virtually irreversible. Lesions and/or callouses form over the skin areas affected. They're also discovering fibrous-type invertebrates, wormlike & cellulose fibers, silicon, DNA, insect pods in these victims. Morgellons fibers are sensors (artificially intelligent devices) which measure PH levels & body temperature, Blood Glucose, Blood gases & other medical conditions – laboratory produced self replicating, self repairing nano-tech machines (termed Nanoprobes). Treatment of Morgellon's symptoms is slow, with varying results. It is crucial to maintain your proper alkalinity levels (2/3rds over aciditic) with daily maintenance – regular doses of Organic Apple Cider vinegar.

The problem is this is a very insidious disease, scientifically designed to overtake your cell structure & overall immune system. We have to find out who's behind the program and bring them all to justice; while ensuring that chemtrailing itself is forever banned. We deserve to be left alone to live our lives naturally, not to linger in a chronically sick condition. That's where all this is headed if we don't fight back now.

Morgellons Syndrome was developed in a level 5 Bio-Weapons Research Laboratory; it's target…YOU.

Morgellons researchers Dr Hildegaard Stanninger and Dr Karjoom have announced the finding of self replicating nano machines "running wild" in the bodies of Morgellons victims.

Treatment/Elimination of Morgellons Fibers: 'The method involves the use of red wine or a red wine-hydrogen peroxide mixture as an extended rinse for the mouth. Gum-dental samples collected after extended wine-hydrogen peroxide mixture rinses of the mouth (e.g., 5 minutes each) and placed upon a glass slide for observation. Mouth brushed and cleaned to best degree possible prior to the test. Core material is composed essentially of the four pathogenic forms (encasing filament, sub-micron filament network, Chlamydia-like structures and the "hybrid form").'

Nanotechnology represents the cornerstone of 21st Century advanced scientific research, but once again indicates a hubris & fundamental disregard for nature; and a gross miscalculation of nature's retaliatory instinct. Natural immunity will have no place in this so called "brave new world". The Trans-humanist Elites financing this dark revolution believe they will one day merge with the machine, in the wake of humanity's orchestrated demise…a fate they have crafted for generations from behind closed doors, with nothing but malice in their withered hearts. Love & life will ultimately endure, and our hopes for a bright future will never be blown asunder by these misguided control freaks…and in the end Nature will once again prevail.

'One concern about nanotechnology's unintended consequences raises the question of the uncontrolled development of self-replicating nanoscale machines. A number of very serious technical challenges would have to be overcome before it would be possible to create nanoscale machines that could reproduce themselves in the natural environment. Some of these challenges appear to be insurmountable with respect to chemistry and physical principles, and it may be technically impossible to create self-reproducing mechanical nanoscale robots of the sort that some visionaries have imagined.' National Science Foundation: Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Computational discovery of instructionless self-replicating structures in cellular automata –

Abstract: Cellular automata models have historically been a major approach to studying the information-processing properties of self-replication. Here we explore the feasibility of adopting genetic programming so that, when it is given a fairly arbitrary initial cellular automata configuration, it will automatically generate a set of rules that make the given configuration replicate. We found that this approach works surprisingly effectively for structures as large as 50 components or more. The replication mechanisms discovered by genetic programming work quite differently than those of many past manually designed replicators: There is no identifiable instruction sequence or construction arm, the replicating structures generally translate and rotate as they reproduce, and they divide via a fissionlike process that involves highly parallel operations. This makes replication very fast, and one cannot identify which descendant is the parent and which is the child. The ability to automatically generate self-replicating structures in this fashion allowed us to examine the resulting replicators as their properties were systematically varied. Further, it proved possible to produce replicators that simultaneously deposited secondary structures while replicating, as in some past manually designed models. We conclude that genetic progr

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